🎉 Announcing Adaptive Cards 1.2

Fallback support, a new RichTextBlock, more styles and text formatting, enhanced interactivity, and more

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We’re excited to announced the release of Adaptive Cards v1.2!

This release enables greater interactivity within your cards, improved visual styling options, and with “fallback support” we are one step closer to a world where cards can be freely exchanged between hosts with different rendering capabilities.

Sample card

Check out this sample card using some of the new functionality.

Adaptive Card

New features

  1. Element-level fallback support
  2. Full bleed background images/containers
  3. Action.ToggleVisibility
  4. More Container styles to match Textblock styles
  5. Better inline text formatting
  6. TextBlock inline Actions
  7. Base64 encode image into URI (Data URIs)
  8. Input.Text with associated action (Quick-Reply)
  9. TextBlock font styles
  10. Action sentiment (primary / destructive)
  11. Place actions anywhere in the card (ActionSet)
  12. Stretch and Repeat for Background Images
  13. MinHeight Property on Containers
  14. Wrap property on ChoiceSet/Toggle

When can I use it?

We’re working closely with all our partners to roll out the update as soon as possible. Stay tuned here and keep an eye on the Partner Status page to see which version works in which hosts.

Learn more

Check out the full release notes to learn more and get started!

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Principal Program Manager at Microsoft, running the Adaptive Cards project. Loving the new cross-platform, open-source, MSFT ride